10 Sets of Creative Bookshelves

Once upon a time, there was a furniture blog authored by someone completely addicted to books. Any guesses as to which blog that might be? All coyness aside, as we hurtle toward a conceivably bookless future in which we take in all our knowledge via computer screens, mobile phones and e-readers with nary a printed page to be found, there’s something sweet about a simple bookshelf filled with tomes from the past and present alike. Even cooler, though, is a bookshelf clearly designed by someone with boundless creativity and a fondness for reading. If books are truly on the way out (and we certainly hope they aren’t), perhaps we should treat them as elders and, therefore, show them the respect they deserve while giving them a comfortable place to rest when they’re not immersed in conversation with us. So, without further ado, behold today’s roundup of ten brilliant and creative bookshelves. Here’s hoping their inhabitants enjoy the “happily ever after” for which they’ve been destined since the day they left the printing press.
Mr X Industrial Pipe Bookshelf by Stella Bleu Designs

Upcycled Ladder Shelves via Upcycle Us

Book Shelf Fort by Point Architects

Bookworm Bookshelf by Ron Arad

FlexiTube by Doris Kisskalt

Pyramid Modular Bookcase by Fitting

Shelf in the Wind by Olivia Bradateanu

Skateboard Shelf from Wal-Mart

The Vintage Shelf by Munkii

Upcycled Guitar Case Shelf by Elodie Flamant