Anwar gets up very late and he feels so tired. He has very painful headache. Anwar tries to remamber what has happened last night but no result. He takes a shower then drink a cup of tea. He starts to remamber some actions which happened last night. Anwer shoots "noway " and talks to himself, did I really do this to my friend?!did I really say that to him?!
Oh god! For sure he will be angry from me.
Anwar brings his phone and tries to call his friend Mazin but no answer. Anwar says it is my mistake I shouldn't say what I said to him. Anwer goes to Mazin's house. He reachs to his friend's house but he gets surprised when he sees lots of people in front of the door. Anwar tries to ask someone but nobody respons. He cant enter because it is very crowded in there. Finally Anwar gets in the house and he gets shocked when he sees Mazin in the floor and he gets shocked more when he hears people say may he rest in peace. Anwar falls down and he finds himself under his bed. Anwar says thank God it was a nightmare.